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I'm mother to an 8 year old girl who thinks salt and pepper are "too spicy". I'm also mother to an 18 month old boy who thinks his food tastes better after running it through his hair.  My husband is diabetic and strictly limits his carbohydrate intake. I spend hours a week meal planning, cooking, shopping and trying to accommodate them all.  And myself. Because I'm obsessed with food.  I spend most of every day thinking about it. While eating, I think about what I'm going to cook and eat next.  Nothing makes me happier than a day in the kitchen. (Those are few and far between in the last 18 months, refer to "boy" above.) The grocery store is to me what the toy store is to my daughter. But it's not all about my appetite. I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about the science, politics, history, philosophy and psychology of food.  And I really love to talk about it all. So here it is.

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